The International Association for Philosophy and Literature



Annual IAPL Book Exhibit

Each year an important part of IAPL conferences is the annual book exhibit. Located centrally and in the same space as the registration area, the IAPL Book Exhibit constitutes not only a special opportunity for conference participants to explore new books that publishers offer for display, but also a space for gathering and meeting. Along with the registration area, each Book Exhibit is accompanied by a Book Exhibit Cafe where refreshments and tables for informal conversation can take place.

Participants visit and peruse the extensive display of current and recent books published. The IAPL Book Exhibit is not only a display of books, but also of the work of publishers in the areas of IAPL conferences.

Publishers are specifically identified along with their books, catalogues, order forms, posters, and signs. The exhibit is an opportunity for participants to become acquainted with particular publishers. Often this will make selecting books for course adoption and for further study especially valuable.

Some publishers send representatives, others have the IAPL organize their exhibit tables. In either case, there is ample opportunity for conference participants to purchase books on display at a discount or to complete order forms requesting that books purchased be sent by mail from the publisher's warehouse.

Publisher's catalogues provide a wonderful opportunity to review the full range of current titles and backlists as well. We are proud of these exhibits and are glad that so many publishers want to participate.


Sunday, February 18, 2018, 8:21 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)