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IAPL 2013 - About NUS

A leading global university centred in Asia, influencing the future

NUS will be a globally-oriented university, in the distinguished league of the world’s leading universities. A key node in global knowledge networks, NUS will have distinctive expertise and insights relating to Asia. NUS aspires to be a bold and dynamic community, with a “no walls” culture and a spirit of enterprise which strives for positive influence and impact through our education, research and service. Every member of our university enjoys diverse opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth. Learning and working at NUS will foster quick, well-rounded minds, well-equipped to succeed in our fast-changing world.

To transform the way people think and do things through education, research and service

The NUS mission comprises three mutually reinforcing thrusts: transformative education that nurtures thinking individuals who are alive to opportunities to make a difference, are valued members and leaders of society, and global citizens effective in diverse settings. High-impact research that advances the boundaries of knowledge and contributes to the betterment of society. Dedicated service, as a national university, that adds to social, economic and national development.

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