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In conjunction with the TEXTURES: Philosophy/ Literature/ Culture Series (edited by Hugh J. Silverman and published by Lexington Books), we are pleased to invite conference participants to submit final versions of their papers for possible inclusion in a volume resulting from the recent IAPL conference.

Conference participants are asked to submit two hard copies and an electronic version of the paper they are offering for publication at the IAPL Conference Registration Desk, no later than noon of the fourth day of the conference week.

Electronic submissions should be submitted as an attachment directly to the following e-mail address (especially if submitted after the conference). And this address should be used for submitting the final version prior to September 1st.:

The IAPL reserves the right of first selection on all papers presented at its annual conferences. Since the number of papers that can be included is limited, the choice of papers will be based on quality and relevance to the thematic integrity of the volume.

Final corrected versions of the essay must be submitted (to the email address above) no later than September 1st.



Submissions (during the conference) should include two (2) hard copies of the essay as well as an electronic version sent to:

Please submit the electronic version in a Windows Word format (.doc). Save as .rtf if in doubt. Final corrected versions must be received no later than September 1st (in the year of the conference). But decisions on selections may begin anytime after the end of the conference. Hence be sure to submit your electronic version as a placeholder until you are able to finalize your paper revisions.

For the final version (due Sept 1st), please send the following six files. You can zip these files and include them together with your last name and date as the filename.

Replace "yourname" with your last name:

The volume editor(s) will make all efforts to inform those who have submitted papers no later than February 1st as to the disposition of the submitted paper (i.e. whether accepted for publication or not).


The volume resulting from the 2010 IAPL Conference held at the University of Regina in Saskatchwan, Canada will be co-edited by Professors Lynn Wells and Garry Sherbert.

While paper submissions should be sent to the gmail address above, any inquiries can be sent to the co-editors and the series editor:







Sunday, February 18, 2018, 8:22 GMT

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