The International Association for Philosophy and Literature




Intersecting Philosophy, Art,

Literary, Media and Cultural Studies

with Textual, Political, and Aesthetic Theory

Hugh J. Silverman, General Editor


TEXTURES: PHILOSOPHY / LITERATURE / CULTURE BOOK explores dimensions of current thinking in contemporary continental philosophy, literary study, aesthetic theory, film, art, video, and architectural theory in a dramatic new way.

Crafted by General Editor Hugh J. Silverman (Executive Director of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature), these books bring to fruition some of the highlights of IAPL annual conferences in thoughtfully conceived and articulate studies of dynamic topics with lasting interest for years to come.

Each book is carefully shaped by the volume editor(s) in collaboration with the series and general editor. Each volume contains a General Introduction outlining the theme and topical area, individual Introductions to each of the thematic sections, a detailed set of Notes and list of Abbreviations linked to the project, a comprehensive Bibliography and Contributor Notes for each volume. Contributors include both highly visible and well-known figures in the field as well as younger scholars with new insights into the topic.

These books are great for course adoptions and will be a wonderful asset to any personal library, college or university collection. IAPL Members are encouraged to consider using TEXTURES books in their course assignments.

TEXTURES books are significant statements on dominant intellectual issues of the day.


Currently paid IAPL Members receive one copy of the most recently published Textures book with their membership each year. The IAPL dues year begins January 1st.
For further information, contact: Hugh J. Silverman, Series Editor


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